A New Challenger Appears!

The Guild Ball Community Project has two important announcements to make today. Without further ado...

New Steering Committee member

So I'm Dominic Westerland. I've been tabletop gaming for about twenty years at this point (my first White Dwarf was the first Lord of the Rings issue). I played Malifaux competitively for a number of years (including creating the Breachside Broadcast podcast for Wyrd Games) before coming to Guild Ball around the start of Season 3. I have a professional background in community radio and the public sector. I also worked for Steamforged for a spell, with my favourite projects being the Shepherds Guild and two live-streamed Guild Ball tourneys.

I was initially somewhat reserved about joining GBCP for ... well, obvious reasons. But then I had a thought that spurred me to join both the Rules and Creative Committees and its the same notion that will drive my work following me joining the Steering Committee. Guild Ball, without a doubt, is the tightest and best tabletop game I have ever played. The community is without a doubt, the best gaming community I have been a part of. Both the game and the community deserve better than the official "end" that they got. By joining the Steering Committee, I hope to contribute even just a small amount of what both this game and this community has given me.

Digital World Championship event details

The qualifying events for the 2021 Digital World Championship start tomorrow! In preparation for this, we have amended the Organized Play Document with a section specifically for handling online gaming. Check out the latest version here.

We also have a few details to share about roster and game submission:

  • Please select your guild by the end of the day today (Sunday, February 28th).
  • Please submit your full roster to this form before you play your first game. You will continue to play this roster throughout the qualifying event.
  • Each round of the qualifying events will begin on Monday and run for one week. Round 1 begins Monday, March 1st.
  • Games must be submitted by Sunday night at midnight in the local time zone for that event.
  • Contact the tournament organizer(s) for your event if you have any questions about roster submission, game result submission, or round scheduling.

If you haven't already, you can still sign up! Registration for the qualifying events will be open through the end of the day today.

We hope you're all as excited to get back into the game as we are! To give you a little extra motivation for the qualifying events, all players with only one loss (or zero!) will be invited to the World Championship finals event!

Let the games begin!

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