Unexpected Arrival

You heard it here first folks - the game is changing and it starts with Veteran Captain Dirge!

Veteran Captain Dirge
Download high-quality card image (for printing)

Veteran Captain Dirge
Download STL files (for 3D printing):
Dirge Gravestone Pi ruler 1 Pi ruler 2

On a more serious note, we in the Steering Committee have really enjoyed putting our heads together to come up with ways to engage with the community and try to produce something as fans of this great game to share far and wide.

VCD was our first attempt at producing a model that could be 3D printed and used by players. We decided to start small on a fun project like this to test the waters.

If you guys agree and like the STL that we have put together, it would certainly make crowdfunding of future models (like upcoming minors) much easier!

We look forward to engaging with you about VCD and ideas for other ways to move this forward on the GBCP Discord server, Facebook, Twitter, and probably our DMs.

Obviously this model is presented with no challenge to Steamforged Games IP. The Guild Ball Community Project continues to operate on a not for profit basis.

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