Beta Testlighters

Following the release of Guild Ball Community Project's first community errata in June, we're delighted to announce the first unofficial, community developed team: the Lamplighters.

The rules for this new guild will be released on Wednesday. A lot of people have put a lot of work into these rules and the Lamplighters have been extensively playtested already. We're really proud of the results and we'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone in the Rules and Playtesting committees who have been involved.

Beta test

However, we know that we're not professional game designers at the GBCP. Even professionals make mistakes, so there's a chance we may have missed something or something in the guild doesn't quite work correctly. That's why we're launching our first ever community beta test.

This means that we're asking you, the entire Guild Ball Community, to try out Lamplighters and let us know what you think. We'll be running the beta test for about 3 months, until November 30th. Within that timeframe Lamplighters will be tournament legal at each TO's discretion.

Following the beta test, we'll review the feedback, do some final internal playtesting, then release a final official version in January 2022. We may also make emergency fixes along the way if people spot really game-breaking problems with the guild.

We'd also welcome feedback on how the play-up models work in Alchemists: are they Fathom-style auto includes or Skulk-esque tech pieces? Do they make an already strong guild too strong?


Giving feedback couldn't be easier. Just play a game, some games, or a thousand games and fill out this form:

Beta test feedback form

You can also just leave comments on Facebook via GuBS or on the GBCP Discord server.

And that's it, roll on Wednesday. In the meantime. Here's a card with an owl on it to whet your appetite.


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