Player community update

Community invitational events

Events may now be hosted for a specific player community. Events hosted for a community are visible to everyone, but only community members may participate in them.

Community invitational events are marked with the name of their community in event lists and appear as locked events to all non-community-members.

The information above was added on December 1, 2021. The original post from November 10, 2021 is copied below for context.

Introducing player communities

It has always been the goal of Longshanks to bring players together by making it easier for tournament organizers to host events and easier for players to find them. We also strive to encourage friendly competition by giving players tools to investigate their opponents, observe the wider gaming community, and analyze their own strengths and weaknesses. Today we release a new feature that aims to help with both of these goals.

Player communities are collections of one or more players created created by users to represent local game stores, gaming clubs, or any other collection of players and/or event organizers with similar interests. Communities have features to serve a few different purposes.

Player communities have been a long time coming. We're excited to see what you do with them!

See the player communities page

Collective event hosting

Rather than having a single person (or two people) host an event, player communities may host events as a group. This has two important effects:

  1. The community name is displayed as the event host.
  2. All members of the community have the ability to manage the event as if they were the event organizer.

Displaying a group name instead of one person can make it easier for players to find and recognize events by showing them a name they are more likely to recognize and by using the same host name for each event even if different people are doing the work of hosting those events.

This can be useful for game stores, gaming clubs, convention organizers, or anyone else who wishes to create events under a group name and have multiple event organizers.

Community ranking and statistics

Groups of players can use a customized Statistics page that uses game data from only their members to keep track of how well their members are playing as a group. They can also encourage in-group competition using a members-only ranking page to see who's on top of the community.


Game store

A local game store that hosts a variety of events can set up a community made up of their employees. By doing this, they can host all their events under the store name while still allowing different employees to manage each event.

Convention staff

Organizers may want multiple people to be able to manage the large tournaments at a gaming convention. By creating up a community of the convention staff, all those events can still be hosted by the game convention rather than by individual staff members.

Gaming club

A regional gaming club community can help prepare for high-profile events by using their community-specific statistics page to analyze their strengths and weaknesses with various factions and scenarios.

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