List Building and Longshanks

Since the beginning of Longshanks the goal has always been to build tools to help people advertise and run events, as well as foster community through various systems like stats, leaderboards, and other fun metagame goals.

One thing that keeps coming up, especially for Marvel Crisis Protocol is the question of list building. List builders are really cool tools, and fortunately there are several different sites and apps that are excellent for building lists! Also because of the great community of developers including the volunteers on the Tabletop Simulator Mod a standard format for encoding lists has been devised, and Longshanks is happy to consume this information in your event registration! So you can use the already existing, excellent and well supported tools that you love to build your lists, and Longshanks can focus on providing the event and community tools you’ve come to expect!

But wait, no human being can understand this! Fear not intrepid reader, this list view handles that for you!

But wait, there’s more! If you enter an encoded list then you can get stats for the event through this handy new button, found in the Tools section of every event page:

Oh you thought we were done there? Ye of little faith! Head on over to the Event Results page, where you can peruse registered lists and results from across all MCP events! Curious what Pat Dunford smashed people with this week? Want to know how Arun Collier keeps winning every game with Web Warriors? (ed: if you know please tell me) Want to see 8000 Malekith lists at x-1 or better? Then take a look at the results page!

Editor's note: Coded list submission is currently only functional for Marvel Crisis Protocol events. Support for other game systems may come in the future!

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