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This event gets +1 DEF against Corona

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that for now we are still on track to host the WTC2020 in October.

In about a month we should have clear visibilty on what governments worldwide decide and/or don't decide in terms of travel.

Please know that these are very uncertain times and we are trying to organize the WTC the best way we can. However, we strongly advise you to book flights with a refund or flexible dates.

As an organization we have the possibility to postpone the event to March 2021 from the hotel point of view. This will only be done in an extreme case, for example if there is a second Corona lockdown after summer.

Please continue to pay your participation fees by the end of June.

We know some might be reluctant to do this now, but really worst case we have two WTCs in 2021. We will send out a new communication in the first week of June.

Please use these links for more information about the costs, payment options, and teams registered so far:

Official document to look up costs and payment options

Overview of all 54 currently registered teams


WTC Commitee
Reach me via Discord Wandler#1491
general inquiries:

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