Digital World Championship 2021

As announced in our town hall meeting last weekend, the Guild Ball Community Project will be hosting an online-only world championship event series this spring. We hope to get as many players as possible to participate in these events, so please read on for details.

Qualifying events

Rather than hosting national championships, we are hosting four qualifying events spaced around the world. These events are based on time zone, hopefully giving as many players as possible a convenient scheduling option and allowing players to coordinate as easily as possible.

Each player may register for one of the qualifying events, but it can be whichever one you choose. We expect that games will typically occur in the evening (around 8:00pm), so choose the event that best fits with your schedule even if you don’t live in that region.

Please note - there will not be a day or time restriction on games. We suggest 8:00pm local time, but play whenever works for you and your opponent.

During the qualifying events, you will have one week to play your game and submit results. The qualifying events will begin on March 1. Registration is open now!

World championship event

After the qualifying events have completed, top players from each will be invited to compete for the world championship. The number of players who are invited will be determined based on attendance in the qualifying events, but the world championship is expected to have between 16 and 32 players.

The world championship event will begin on May 1. At least one game per round will be streamed so spectators can follow along with the action.

Event format

  • One game per week.
  • Game submission deadlines will be determined by the organizer(s) for each event.
  • Judges will be available during common game times during each event, particularly in the later rounds.

Digital game platforms

All games will be played online using one of the digital Guild Ball platforms.

  • Any platform may be used as long as both players agree on it.
  • We recommend that all players become familiar with both Vassal and Wartable so that either platform can be used comfortably.

Game clock

We all know that Guild Ball is a very different game with and without a clock.

  • Use of a game clock is not required for most games, but highly recommended.
  • Game clocks may be required in games between undefeated players in the last two rounds of each qualifying event, depending on event size.
  • Game clocks will be required in the world championship event.
  • Since Wartable has a built-in game clock, it is highly recommended that players become familiar with its use to facilitate playing clocked games.

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