Our Biggest Month EVER!

There are many ways to measure the popularity of a website or app: total users, active users, daily traffic, and the list goes on. The most important measurements for Longshanks are the numbers of players, events, and games.

The usage of Longshanks has varied historically due to seasons, holidays, the pandemic, and games getting more or less popular as time goes on.

Since Longshanks 2.0 was launched last summer, usage has been exploding. So much so that September 2022 was our biggest month ever!

Game system Events Games Players
Bushido 3 38 30
Godtear 1 6 12
Guild Ball 5 50 41
Judgement 3 21 22
Malifaux 13 439 190
Marvel Crisis Protocol 91 1,552 837
Game system Events Games Players
Middle-Earth SBG 2 91 47
Moonstone 0 25 12
SW Legion 10 131 118
Warmachine & Hordes 11 144 75
X-Wing 9 99 73
Generic 1 4 8
Game system Events Games Players
Total 149 2,600 1,465

Last month, users hosted 149 events and 2,600 games across eleven supported game systems (plus the Generic option). The previous record for games in one month was 2,588 back in the heyday of competitive Guild Ball in March 2019.

"Last game played" is the number of users who played their last game in each month.

The number of new accounts created each month has also been growing and growing. September crushed the previous record with 795 new accounts.

Account creation date wasn't tracked before November 2017.

The number of games, events, and users on Longshanks have been growing steadily since the release of version 2.0 last summer and things do not seem to be slowing down. We can expect each month to be a record-breaker from now on thanks to tabletop game enthusiasts like you!

Good luck, have fun, and happy gaming!

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Our Biggest Month EVER!
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