Player communities

Player communities are collections of one or more players created by users to represent local game stores, gaming clubs, or any other combination of players and/or event organizers with similar interests.

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Juicy Al's Juicy Pals

Manager Nate GhostDeer Horn #1009 
Members 25


Manager Sam RedSam Bredeson #52 
Members 7
Description Longshanks administrators and special contributors.

Pine Marten Appreciators

Manager Tim Gatward-Warner #2938 
Members 5

Rosenheimer Tabletop Club

Manager Maximilian Steve El Tragger Reichl #3699 
Members 9
Description Facebook page

Ruhrpott Racoons

Manager Sebastian Sonny Sonnhalter #1277 
Members 5

Scottish Guild Ball

Manager Iain Pinball Torrance #619 
Members 17
Description Community page for players in Scotland

Steve Crowe

Manager TTG Steve #6427
Members 1
Description Hey folks,this is a chat community to link up folks who are going to use "LONGSHANKS" for Middle Earth SBG. Jump on the facebook group to interact and get chatting all things SBG
Facebook page


Manager Dion Erbes #6471
Members 5
Description Players in the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota looking to play casually and competitively are welcome.
Facebook page

The Elementals

Manager Tony Moore #5749 
Members 14
Description The Elementals are a group of players who play our Marvel Crisis Protocol games out of Element Games in Stockport.

Tracksuit Draculas

Manager Stefan Benediktsson #603
Members 4
Description We have a building, bro.


Manager Grant Wakefield #5851
Members 7
Description Virtual Platform for the online Tabletop Simulator Leagues

Invitational events

Events may be hosted by a community member for other members of that community. When this is done, only community members may register for and play in the event.

Collective event hosting

Player communities may host events as a group rather than as a single person. This displays the community name as the event host and allows all members of the community to manage the event as if they were the event organizer.

This can be useful for game stores, gaming clubs, convention organizers, or anyone else who wishes to create events under a group name and have multiple event organizers.

Community ranking & statistics

Encourage friendly competition with a player ranking of your community members and a statistics page using only member games.

Coming soon!

Player communities are new! Additional features are in progress.

  • Show group solidarity by displaying a community affiliation when registering for an event.
  • Custom community logos and banner images.

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