What is Godtear?

The setting

When the gods were destroyed, their tears rained from the sky as crystalline meteors filled with godly essence. These meteors — or godtears — bestow incredible power on those strong enough to seek them.

Just a handful of mortals can withstand and harness the divine power of the godtears. Those chosen few fast develop a taste for the tears, becoming great champions in their perpetual quest to gain more...

The game

Godtear is a fantasy miniature game where two players clash head-to-head on a hex-based board with a tug of war scoring system. Score points by planting your banner on a godtear, defending it, and by taking out enemy champions and their followers.

Each player brings any three champions of their choice to form their warband. Champions are divided in four different classes that determine their playstyle and the way they score points. Slayers focus on taking out enemy champions, Maelstroms focus on removing enemy followers, Shapers manipulate the battlefield to more easily place their banner, and Guardians are adept at protecting banners.

A game of Godtear is played with a dynamic scenario for a maximum of five turns, with each turn worth a different number of victory points. When a player scores five points they are victorious.

Game details

Game icon
Publisher Steamforged Games
Link https://www.steamforged.com
Administrator Steve Godtear Margetson #960 


Game threshold 10 – What is this?
Multi-Champion master 5 games per Champion
Champion devotion Fanatic20 games
Disciple15 games
Enthusiast10 games
Initiate5 games

Event & game scoring

Tournament points

Win Loss Draw
1 0 0


A player who receives a bye WINS that game.

Player Phantom
VP 0 0

These scores are used for a bye game when calculating tie-breakers.




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