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Introducing the community project steering group

The GB community project steering group strongly believes that transparency and openness in communication will be key in keeping Guild Ball alive and active for years to come. To that end, we would like to introduce ourselves to help make sure the overall Guild Ball community knows who we are.

Brian Andersen


Warhammer 40k (credit as a contributor and behind the scenes support for Vanguard Tactics), Magic: the Gathering (streamer of Legacy and Vintage content for Paragon City Games), Netrunner (including playing before and after the transition to Nisei), Keyforge, Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Guild Ball


M.S. Psychology (concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology), B.S. Economics (concentration in Game Theory), 7+ years experience in trading and managing securities, investment, and financial instruments, Owner/TO/Event Design at Paragon City Games since Dec. 2016.

Brian SaltyShark Andersen #5442 

Sam Bredeson


Sam has been playing games most of his life, beginning with Magic the Gathering in 1997. He dipped his toe into miniatures gaming with X-Wing and then dove in head first with Guild Ball in August 2016. Sam's biggest contribution to Guild Ball (so far!) is the creation and running of the Longshanks website, which should be an especially useful tool as the game becomes community-driven.


Sam is a neuroengineer by trade. He has a PhD in biomedical engineering and works at a company that makes integrated circuits for implantable medical devices, among other things. Sam has worked with and managed diverse teams of collaborators based in different locations many times in the past and hopes to bring that experience to the steering group.

Sam RedSam Bredeson #0052 

Steve Cole


Steve has been on the epic 40k community group for more than 5 years, co-hosts Singled Out Podcast, is the 3rd best Scottish Guild Ball player, and the only player to have won consecutive UK and European Championships in Epic Armageddon.


Steve has 15+ years experience in Strategy, Innovation, Organisational Development and Politics. He has worked in the public, private, and voluntary sector and is currently Head of Strategy for a FTSE 100 scale business. He has set up a number of community groups, charities, and private companies.

Steve Doing It Wrong Cole #1738 

Skerolf Dickinger


Skerolf has been playing tabletop games for over twenty years now, starting with Battletech, Warhammer 40k and Armalion. He's been playing GuildBall since S2 but supported the initial inception of the game back in the olden days :).


In his 'real' life Skerolf is a teacher who never got into teaching and ended up as an IT manager for a pharma company.

His goal for this project is to unify and integrate the WTC and World solo championships, keep the momentum and initiative for next year but also spearhead a renewal of the lore background of the game as he's quite a passable writer and used to coming up with lengthy stories as he writes lore for a Warhammer LARP campaign and also for more than one Pen&Paper RP group that he's leading.

Skerolf Wandler Dickinger #4096 

Niels Hermkens


Niels has been an avid gamer for years, but Guild Ball has actually been his first miniature game. He has started playing in the end S2 / start S3 era, and it has stuck. At this moment, he is the #1 Dutch player, and has played himself into the top 100 Worldwide.

Besides being a player, he also started The Inspiring Hat - a blog on all things Guild Ball. His articles are mostly based on how the game works, and what the community thinks of it. He has co-hosted the Dutch Nationals of 2019, and has organised the 64-player Mad Hatter tournament of 2020.


Niels has a PhD in Chemistry, and has now been a university teacher for that same field for four years.

Niels The Inspiring Hat Hermkens #0533 

Jeroen Schoonbrood


Jeroen has played and has been active in multiple games in the Dutch community (Warhammer 40k/Fantasy, Flames Of War, Wolsung); he has been tabletop (war)gaming since Warhammer 40k 3rd edition. He has co-hosted the Dutch Flames Of War GT twice and was a founding member of the Dutch Flames of War community.

In Guild Ball he has been active since season 1 and has co-hosted the Dutch Nationals of 2019, he is also the newest member of the WTC Board since 2019.

He is also active in his local gaming group where he started and is now again leading the club Tabletop Gaming Limburg. In the past he has worked with other clubs in organizing tournaments and other events.

Stay tuned when his own developed game will hopefully be released somewhere in the next 2 years (playtesting will start in the end of this year).


Jeroen has 8+ years of experience in the field of Quality Control/Quality Assurance in various backgrounds ranging from automotive/industry/biology/pharma and now he has settled himself in the food business.

Jeroen TheQuestionNL Schoonbrood #0228 

Sebastian Sonnhalter


Sebastian plays Guild Ball since end of season 2. He became a pundit soon after and organized several events including the German Nationals. At the moment of writing he is #10 in germany, #71 of the World and the Archbishop (according to Longshanks rating).

He became a huge part of German Community and was part of the so-called 'Triumvirat', to decide the german WTC attendees.


Sebastian has a B.Sc. in Chemistry and works as Quality Control Manager in a large chemical company.

Sebastian Sonny Sonnhalter #1277 

Robin Barbier

Hi everyone ! I'm robin barbier, I'm french, 33, from Strasbourg. I'm a graphic designer.

I started playing gb 3 years ago, at the S3. As my girlfriend loves the game too, we started involving ourselves a lot in the game, We started localy with our club and converted 15 players ! We made a lot of small events, then tournaments even for 2 days, then we tried the french qualifier and won a place to the 2018 wtc.

With Sandie we went to Dublin, Irish national master and I finished second. Meeting the scottish and irish guys was awesome ! Strasbourg finished 7th this year, it was really nice, we met a lot of the international players and had a lot of good time! My game against Dominic is still one of my best wargaming moments ahah.

Year 2 I helped organizing the french wtc qualifier (12 teams of 36 players) and we continued to maintain our club, making events, I went to the Belgian Master, i finished 8th and to the French master losing in final against the great David Cameron ! I won the Swiss master, I'm proud to be Swiss champion ! At the WTC less good results but still great moments and great exchange with the players!

Year 3, we started a French Youtube channel with a lot of GB games comments from events and training. We did our 3rd team tournament with Swiss community, some German guys and almost all French guys, one of my best event so far! Then, well, you know, hell for months, then sf announcement...

I love GB, a lot, and I think the game is for events and lives through events. So I propose to help and organize the master tour as quick as possible for us, for the community to meet again and play all together. As I'm not that bad at the game, i propose to help on the play testing erratum and new guilds!

No other game than GB gives me so much strong moments, on the pitch, around the pitch, i made a lot of great friends, and so much good memories, I don't want it to stop!

Rodeheus robin barbier #2778 

Update (November 1, 2020): Robin Barbier has stepped down from the Steering Committee.

Find the project server on Discord

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