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Guild Ball community project committees

Last month, we laid out our goals for how the Guild Ball community project would proceed and the committees that we planned to form to accomplish those goals.

We asked anyone interested in taking part in the Guild Ball community project to submit a form with some information about themselves so that we could choose the best candidates for each committee. We had an amazing response - over seventy people! After deliberation, the Guild Ball community project committees are as follows:

The people listed below were the initial committee members at the time of writing. The GBCP is a living group, so some committee memberships may have changed.


Arnau Barenys #3739
Chris Schlegel #0162
Eoin Siskey Dornan #0615 
BLUTAXT #1405 
Illes Bock #1507 
Yutao Bunnyrat Liu #5268 

The communications committee is responsible for community engagement and official project communications. They will also be responsible for translating the text of official communications, cards, and rules into various world languages.

Organized play

Carlitos GarcĂ­a #3837
BLUTAXT #1405 
Luke Fahey #2848
Zach MandalorynOranj Cohen #0139 

The organized play committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining rules for organized play, including rules for proxy models. They will organize major events and coordinate a championship series with local event organizers.


Andrew Wake Curtin #2222 
Ben Still Disappointing Jones #3117 
Dominic Westerland #0279
Jonas Brand #5668
Juniper Page
Kimberly Blomme
Makoto Slayer Takahashi #4246 

The creative committee is responsible for artwork, graphic design, miniature sculpting, and lore. This will include creative elements of prize support and card updates as well as the art direction for any new models or guilds that may be added to the game in the future.


Daniel Fangers Adams #0399 
David Antonino #3069
Dominic Westerland #0279
Harald ikildkenny Henning #2695 
Henry Kay #0538 
Michael The Doctor Dog Klein #0996 
Pawel North Pole Korpal #1904 

The rules committee is responsible for patches and updates to the core rules, models, and gameplan cards. They will also be responsible for the development and playtesting of new models or guilds that may be added to the game in the future.


Dan Simply Dan Best #2427 
Jeremy Bork #4489
Jonas Brand #5668

The business committee is responsible for the financial and legal stability of the community project. They also serve as our point of contact with Steamforged Games and all issues relating to intellectuall property.

We want to thank all of you who applied. Many of you were excellent candidates, which made it difficult to choose the best people for each committee. Rest assured that there will be opportunities to get involved in the future if you weren't selected as a committee member.


The steering group

Brian SaltyShark Andersen #5442 
Jeroen TheQuestionNL Schoonbrood #0228 
Niels The Inspiring Hat Hermkens #0533 
Rodeheus robin barbier #2778  (Stepped down)
Sam RedSam Bredeson #0052 
Sebastian Sonny Sonnhalter #1277 
Skerolf Wandler Dickinger #4096 
Steve Doing It Wrong Cole #1738 

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