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Hi folks,

We are proud to present the first major output from the Community Project team: the Guild Ball Community Project Organised Play Document!

As you know, the central mission of the Community Project is to keep Guild Ball alive and kicking for years to come. Part of that mission means having up-to-date resources that can be used by the community. For many players, tournaments and other organised play events were how they most enjoyed playing Guild Ball, so for them we wanted to produce an Organised Play Document that would help to carry on that experience.

There's a link to the document at the bottom of this post. When you take a look, you'll notice that a lot seems very familiar. That's because our approach has been to keep what was working, and to make adjustments for what needed to change to reflect the changed world for Guild Ball and for everyone right now. The changes are as follows:


We expect that official Guild Ball models will become more difficult to obtain in the medium to long-term, so to make organised play as accessible as possible we are allowing proxy models that can be clearly identified as the relevant Guild Ball player. Final say is with the TO, but the general rule is that proxy models are allowed for use in organised play.

Pandemic adjustments

While organised play is a great experience, the reality is that COVID-19 poses a significant risk, and the document suggests some responsible choices that can be made to help run events during the pandemic. Events can take place over extended time periods, or be taken online. Vassal, Wartable, and Longshanks offer some great free resources. Tabletop Simulator isn't free, but the Guild Ball module is. Explore the different options, and keep playing competitively!

Removing out-of-date references

Since the Steamforged Games forum hasn't been operational since March 2019, the OPD no longer refers to it.

And that's it! We hope that Guild Ball communities across the world will adopt and use this Organised Play document, because we are dedicated to keeping it updated and alive. Thanks to the Organised Play Subcommittee who developed the document, and the Creative Subcommittee who developed the lovely pdf that is linked below. The Communications Subcommittee will be working to translate the document into world languages over the next few months.

Without further ado,

The Guild Ball Community Project Organised Play Document

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