Tales from the Pitch

Community Project Town Hall Meeting

The Guild Ball Community Project invites you to a town hall meeting on Saturday, January 30th at:

  • 8:00pm UTC
  • 3:00pm EST
  • 12:00pm PST
  • 6:00am AEST (Sunday morning, Jan 31st)

During this meeting, we will talk about what happened in 2020, where the community project is now, and where we plan to go in 2021.

The meeting will be streamed on Twitch and will be recorded if you are unable to view it live.

There will be a Q&A period after our presentation. If you want to ask questions before the event, send them to guildballcommunityproject@gmail.com or tag the Community Project Twitter account @guild_ball. We will answer as many submitted and live questions as possible during the meeting.

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