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2020 Championship Series

For over four years, Guild Ball has had a thrilling champonship series. Players from all over the world have competed in their local national championships for a chance at the world Guild Ball title. Some dedicated people have even traveled to multiple events across the globe to demonstrate their prowess.

The status of the officially sanctioned world championship series is currently unclear, as the 2019 world championship didn't happen and no future events have been scheduled or announced. However, as Lon Sims famously said ...

Don't let SFG get in the way of Guild Ball

In the last few years, there have been a modest number of unofficial national and sub-national championship events. These event have been run by their local communities as if they were SFG-sanctioned events in every way except that they didn't get the SFG seal of approval.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019 there were unofficial championship events in Austria, Slovenia, Bavaria, Japan, Switzerland, Barcelona, and the Netherlands.

This year, the Slovenians have already held their national championship and the Swedes have one scheduled in August. Today, I'd like to announce a third – this time in North America.

The second annual Make it Rain event in Seattle, Washington on June 20th will be hosting the 2020 Cascadian championship.

My hope is that the success of these independent championship events will encourage other regions and nations to host their own championship events. Maybe someday we can even host our own unofficial world championship!

If you are running a championship event for your state, province, region, or nation and want it added to the championship list, contact us by email or at our Facebook page.

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